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Hveravellir / Kjölur Highland

Hveravellir (valley of hot springs) is both the name of a high-temperature area located at the Kjölur road (Kjalvegur, F35) and the name of the corresponding central volcano underneath the ice cap of the glacier Langjökull. Known for more than thousand years, the spring area comprises at least 150 hydrothermal features. Several of them are spouting springs, but only Grænihver is regarded as active geyser of size.

Because on loaction names of springs are mentioned neither on the site-map nor on signs, most visitors don't get any information about the identity of the thermal features. Nevertheless, many do have official names. Well known are Öskurhóll, Bláhver, Grænihver, Fagrihver, Eyvindarhver, and Rauðihver. Others are less famous, and some names are quite obscure and only to find in old documents or scientific publications, such as Meyjarauga, Mýrarhver, Djúpihver, Nýi Strokkur, and Dúandi.

The most famous view of Hveravellir: Bláhver and Öskurhóll in front of Hofsjökull glacier

Bláhver Öskurhóll Hofsjökull Glacier Hveravellir Iceland

Bláhver and Öskurhóll Hveravellir Iceland
For better orientation I have divided the features into groups. This classification is in accordance with the scientific standard reference by Helgi Torfason, Jarðhitarannsóknir á Hveravöllum 1996; OS-97025, even if I merged some of his groups to avoid a too detailed split. The groups are aligned from east, the location of the old Hveravellir hut and site entrance, to west and named after the most noticeable feature. The relation to Helgi Torfason's code is: Nýihver Group comprises Torfason's groups H205 + H211 + H212, Fagrihver Group H203 + H210, Central Group H208 + H209, and Bóluhver Group H204 + H206. To prevent any misunderstanding, the groups do not indicate subterranean connections between the springs but shall only facilitate the presentation here and the orientation on location.

Helgi Torfasons codes are also used to designate unnamed springs. So for example H209g stands for the spring with the running index g in group H209 - Central Group.

Virtual, descriptive tours through the single groups:

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