Hveravellir, Nýihver Group

Springs of the Nýihver Group are the first to see after entering the Hveravellir site at the hut. Namegiver is Nýihver (new hot spring), a beautifully dark blue colored, nearly perpetually boiling spring somewhat remote on the right side of the broadwalk, splashing up to two feet high. Nýihver is used as source for hot water for the nearby huts, therefore you will find temporarily a black plastic pipe connecting the spring to the huts. The boulder in the picture is used to fix the pipe at the rim of the spring.

Nýihver Hot Spring Geyser Hveravellir Iceland

At Nýihvers south shoulder lies the nameless quiet hot spring H205a, lined with snow-white sinter, which causes the light blue water to glow in the sunlight. Some authors regard it as part of Nýihver.

Nýihver Hot Spring Hveravellir Iceland
Spring H205a

On the left side (south) of the boardwalk, close to the old hut and upslope of the artificial hot pool used for bathing, a rocky field of several small hot springs and fumaroles (H212a-e) discharges into the sinter shield's main runoff channel. The group is called Skálahitur, which translates as "heat [source] for the hut".

Skálahitur Hveravellir Iceland

West of Skálahitur several small vents emit hot water onto the sinter plain where thermophilic bacteria and fresh sinter deposition generate a gorgeous palette of pastel yellow, orange and gray shades.

Hot Spring Hveravellir Iceland
Springs H211a-g

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