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Krafla / Mývatn

The large volcanic caldera Krafla and its related high-temperature regions Kröflusvæði and Námafjall are located in Northeast-Iceland close to the Mývatn region. Námafjall includes the thermal area Hverir at the east slope of the volcano Mt. Námafjall and close to the Námaskarð pass. Bjarnarflag on the west side of Mt. Námafjall is the second thermal area, used intensely for energy production. Adjoined to the northeast of Mt. Námafjall is Kröflusvæði region with the volcanos Leirhnjúkur and Krafla, the crater Víti and the area Hvíthólaklif where the Krafla geothermal power plant is located. Just like Hverir all are home of many geothermal features.

View from Leirhnjúkur towards Mt. Krafla. Víti crater can be seen beyond the lava field in front of Krafla.

Krafla Volcano Víti crater Iceland

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