Þeistareykir, Þeistareykjargrundir Group

Neighboring to the west of Hillside Group is the Þeistareykjargrundir Group, whose features are covering a quite small bare area on the valley floor in front of the northern slope of Mt. Bæjarfjall.

Þeistareykjargrundir Group:

Hot Spring Fumarole Bæjarfjall Þeistareykir Iceland

Generally speaking thermal features are alike those of the Hillside Group, so they shall be shown here only exemplary. More to be found by using the search function.

Typical spring of the Þeistareykjargrundir Group:

Hot Spring Bæjarfjall Þeistareykir Iceland

Pinhole fumarole of the Þeistareykjargrundir Group:

Fumarole Bæjarfjall Þeistareykir Iceland

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