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Seltún / Krýsuvík

The high-temperature geothermal region Krýsuvík in the south of Reykjanes peninsula encompasses the geothermal areas Sandfell in the west, Trölladyngja in the northwest, Seltún-Sveifluháls in the center and Austurengjar in the east. The latter extends into the south part of lake Kleifarvatn. Especially Seltún-Sveifluháls and to a lesser extent Austurengjar offer fascinating and easy to access hot spring fields.

From direction of Reykjavik Seltún can be reached on road 42, which runs along Lake Kleifarvatn and the east slope of the mountain ridge Sveifluháls. Trails and boardwalks are guiding visitors securely through the central hot spring area.

Seltún next to road 42, seen from the mountain ridge Sveifluháls. In the background Lake Kleifarvatn.

Seltún Krýsuvík Iceland

Geothermal features are arranged in three groups. The Fúlipollur Group east of road 42, Seltúnshverir, the only area developed with boardwalks, west of road 42, and the Sveifluháls Group on top of the mountain ridge. Some information about springs in Austurengjar field completes the survey.

Virtual, descriptive tours through the single groups:

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