Lower Geyser Basin, Kaleidoscope Group

Kaleidoscope Group is located northwest of Fountain Paint Pot far out on the flat. Since the group is closed to public entry, geyser activity can only be observed from the distance. The best viewpoint is the visitor platform at Fountain Paint Pot. From afar it is not easy to identify the different features, even with a good field guide in hands. Nevertheless, observation with the help of binoculars is entertaining and rewarding because some of the numerous perpetual spouters and geysers can always be seen playing. Several of them are capable of eruption heights of 30 m (100 feet) and more.

Near the west border of the group (on the lefthand side seen from Fountain Paint Pot) a large, shallow crater can be spotted, encompassing (from left to right) Three Vent Geyser, Blowout Spring, Kaleidoscope Geyser, and Drain Geyser. Eruptions of Drain Geyser, reaching up to 50 m (150 feet), are shown on the following pictures.

Drain Geyser Yellowstone
Drain Geyser, eruptions of different heights, July 18th, 2013 (roll mouse over picture)

The large blue pool in center of Kaleidoscope Group (on the right side of the pictures) is home of several geysers, too. Most noticeable is the deep blue hole on the lefthand side in the pool, which is the crater of Deep Blue Geyser. Despite the large pool Deep Blue usually generates only medium sized eruptions up to 5 m (15 feet) height. Within Deep Blues pool, close to the east rim, there are at least two unnamed geysers, capable of playing much higher. If you look very closely you may spot their vents at the far right on the next photo, showing the eruption of another geyser between Deep Blue and Drain.

Unidentified geyser between Drain and Deep Blue Geyser Yellowstone
Eruption of an unidentified geyser between Drain and Deep Blue Geyser

On the near side of Deep Blue Geyser two extended, adjacent craters are belonging to Honeycomb Geyser (on the lefthand side) and Honey's Vent. While eruptions of Honeycomb Geyser are quite rare, Honey's Vent is very busy, sometimes even as a perpetual spouter.

Honey's Vent Yellowstone
Honey's Vent, in foreground right

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