Firehole Lake Drive, Pink Cone Group

Half a mile after leaving White Dome Group, Firehole Lake Drive passes Pink Cone Group at its east flank. Except for Pink Cone Geyser, located next to the road, all other features lie on elevated ground so their vents or pools are hardly visible. Observation is therefore more or less restricted to the eruption columns, since the group is closed to public entry.

Pink Cone Geyser impresses with its beautiful symmetrical cone and the slender eruption column, reaching up to a height of 9 m (30 feet) at the beginning of the nearly 2 hours lasting play. The interval is approximately a day long.

Pink Cone Geyser Yellowstone
Pink Cone Geyser, starting phase

Pink Cone Geyser Yellowstone
Pink Cone Geyser, full eruption height

Beyond Pink Cone Geyser, as seen from the road, Dilemma Geyser and Pink Geyser are located. While Dilemma Geyser usually generates too low eruptions to be visible from the roadway, Pink Geyser can be observed on average every 6 hours, sending out up to 6 m (20 feet) high water jets. Unfortunately, Pink Geyser is the more remote one, with a distance of 75 m (80 yards) to the street.

Pink Geyser Yellowstone
Pink Geyser

Shelf Spring is no geyser, but the only pool of size within the group. Although not far away, it's nearly invisible from the road. On the other hand Shelf Spring's runoff often exhibits stunning colors.

Shelf Spring runoff Yellowstone
Shelf Spring runoff

East of Shelf Spring, Bead Geyser, which is closer to the road, and Box Spring erupt frequently with similar short intervals of approximately half an hour.

Bead Geyser and Box Spring Yellowstone
Simultaneous eruption of Bead Geyser (in front left) and Box Spring (rear right). Shelf Spring on the very left side

The position of Labial Geyser and its satellites is even beyond Bead Geyser and Box Spring, but eruptions can still be seen from the road every 5 to 6 hours. Another member of the group, Narcissus Geyser, named because of its beautiful combination of pink, delicate structured geyserite with a blue-green pool, is capable of 15 m (50 feet) high eruptions but impossible to see from the road.

Labial Geyser Yellowstone
Labial Geyser

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