Lower Geyser Basin, Sprinkler Group

Just like Kaleidoscope Group also Sprinkler Group is closed to the public. A roadway turnout north of Fountain Paint Pot is the nearest legal approach, but the overlook at Fountain Paint Pot Hill in the southeast offers a far better viewing angle. Seen from there, Sprinkler Group adjoins Kaleidoscope Group on the right (east) side.

Gentian Pool marks the eastern border and is undoubtedly the most eye-catching feature of Sprinkler Group. Its not a geyser but "only" a pretty hot pool, lined by blooming Fringed Gentian in summer. Actually it is larger than it appears to be from Fountain Paint Pot, since its elliptic shape is oriented in direction of the sight line.

Gentian Pool Yellowstone
Gentian Pool

West of Gentian Pool several geysers are scattered about the flat. Even if not erupting, Ferric Geyser is easy to identify by its dark brown, iron oxide stained crater rim (on the follwing photo to be seen on the very right side). The western border of Sprinkler Group is marked by the Angle Geyser Complex, consisting of several geysers within a cluster of craters. Initially I thought the geyser on the next picture is Angle Geyser, but James St. John sent me the following update: "The Angle Geyser complex is actually to the left of that particular erupting feature. The Angle complex is 3 craters/basins behind & to the left of Little Crack Geyser. The erupting feature shown in your photograph is an unnamed geyser (UNNG) that Micah Kipple has informally called Spasmodicy Geyser".

Spasmodicy Geyser Yellowstone
Spasmodicy Geyser

Little Crack Geyser, another frequently erupting feature in vicinty of the Angle Geyser complex, is playing from a vent only a few feet southwest (left) of Spasmodicy Geyser.

Little Crack Geyser Yellowstone
Little Crack Geyser, Morning Geyser in foreground

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