Shoshone Geyser Basin, Horse Camp Group

For those hikers who wanted to avoid fording Shoshone Creek there used to be a dry crossover via a massive tree log between Camp Group on the east side of the creek and Island Group on the west side. Since the Camp Group downslope of Union Geyser has been closed due to instable ground by the National Park Service, a detour has to be taken via Horse Camp Group. (Update: Unfortunately, as with all other thermal groups west of Shoshone Creek, the Horse Camp Group has been closed to public entry since 2016). This group forms the southernmost tip of Shoshone Geyser Basin and encloses a kind of footbridge over Shoshone Creek, consisting of a few thinner tree logs. Anyway, there is one advantage with the new route: Horse Camp Group is home of a watchable cluster of hot springs, and you may also see (weak) geyser activity.

Shoshone Creek Yellowstone
Shoshone Creek within the Horse Camp Group

On the meadow west of Shoshone Creek you come across the only pool of size within Horse Camp Group. SHCGNN002 is member of a cluster of five springs and the only one (as far as I know) to show intermittent spouting. The eruptions are less than two feet high.

SHCGNN002 Shoshone Basin Yellowstone

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