Shoshone Geyser Basin, Yellow Crater Group

By leaving the North Group to the north you also leave the area of significant geyser activity behind you. The Yellow Crater Group comprises mainly small features which are no more than wet holes in the ground. There are a few exceptions, though. One of the first to come across is Blowout Pool, a shallow spring which probably acted as a geyser shortly after it had been formed by a steam explosion in the winter of 1928-29.

Blowout Pool Shoshone Basin Yellowstone
Blowout Pool

20 m (66 feet) north of Blowout Pool lies Wegde Spring, the only clear blue pool of size within the group. Even more interesting than the pool is the feature east of it. Similar to Five Crater Spring it consists of a pool covered by a sinter ledge. The sinter is perforated at three spots, where the boiling spring squeezes out small water jets. Further splashes can be seen near the east and west edges of the sinter ledge. The whole setting reminds a pressure cooker with a leaking lid. Obviously, the activity is intermittent, just as known from Five Crater Spring.

Wedge Spring Shoshone Basin Yellowstone
Wedge Spring (left) and spouter east of it on August 23rd, 2015

Wedge Spring Shoshone Basin Yellowstone
Spouter east of Wedge Spring

(Update: Unfortunately, as with all other thermal groups west of Shoshone Creek, the Yellow Crater Group has been closed to public entry since 2016).

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